"CHIEF JOSEPH" ©Darlena Warhurst-Metz

Chief Joseph- Limited Edition Bronze sculpture by Darlena Warhurst

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture on Marble Base:
Sculpture Dimensions: 10.25 in high X 6 in deep X 8.25 in. wide
installed on Marble base 6.5 in X 6 inches.

For many generations the Nez Perce tribe called the Wallowa Valley in the Pacific Northwest (USA) their homeland. From this peaceful tribe came one of North America's greatest chiefs: Chief Joseph.

In the mid 1800's this civil chief led his people by foot on a heroic journey to Canada through four states covering 1,700 miles, trying desperately to escape the militaries pursuits and their proposed life of confinement to a reservation. After 108 days of tireless travels the tribe of over 700 had lost 269 men, women and children, it was here just 40 miles away from their new life in Canada that chief Joseph stood in the snow before the United States Military and declared “Hear me my chiefs. I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever"

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