"Blackfoot Holy Woman" ©Darlena Warhurst-Metz

Limited Edition Lithograph
About "Blackfoot Holy Woman
Traditionally, the Blackfoot Holy Women were regarded as leading figures in the camps where both young and old would seek their advice for spiritual guidance and counselling. They were instrumental in sponsoring the sacred Sun Dance which took place during the summer months. During this religous ceremony she would remain secluded, fasting and praying for her people's success in reaffirming their faith in the Sun Spirit. Three renounced Holy Women of the Blackfoot nation were "Coming in Again Woman", "Crawling Walker", and "Stolen Many Things". "Blackfoot Holy Woman" is a dignified painting that warmly portrays these highly honoured people and is dedicated to the memory of Crawling Walker who, despite being severely crippled, sponsored many tribal Sun Dances."

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