"Spirit of Prairie Rose" - ©Darlena Warhurst-Metz

Praire Rose - Limited Edition bronze sculpture by Darlena WarhurstPrairie Rose Sculpture- frontal view by Darlena Warhurst

Limited Edition Bronze:
Height 11.25 in. Length: 9 in. Width 10.5 inches
fitted onto a markble base 8 X 8 inches

Spirit of Prairie Rose is a representation of the artist and her feelings towards life here on the spiritual plane called earth. The sculpting shows the hard trials and tribulations that life presents and is countered by the compassion, love and warmth of an understanding spirit. With her head raised to the sky she is meeting her fate with confidence and grace while silently praying for the ones she loves. A deeper look into the soul of Prairie Rose uncovers the wisdom and experience of this old soul and the free spirit that lies beneath.

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