"West Coast Splendor" ©Darlena Warhurst-Metz

"Westcoast Splendor"

pastel on sandpaper: 17" x 20"
limited edition lithograph
original: collection of Sooke River Hotel

About "Westcoast Splendor"
"Westcoast Splendor" depicts the spectacular creation of heredity status and power among native families of our northwest coast. Coined "The Sister of the Totems" the ceremonial robe of "Button Blanket" is made of dark blue or black wool, accented with red flannel appliqués and pearl white buttons to form distinct designs or crests that identify individuals and their families. The blankets were only worn on special occasions. Between these events they were stored in carefully prepared wooden (cedar) boxes. With the exception of the Coastal Salish, who had their own particular woven version of a ceremonial robe, most Northwest Coast People depended on the same basic materials for creating their robes. Often considered "sculpting on cloth" the button blanket is a symbol maintaining order and respect in a culture that is timely intriguing in past, present and future.

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